Coach Crash in China at Tunnel: Takes the Lives of Many Individuals

Coach Crash in China at Tunnel

Killing 36 people and injuring 13, a coach has driven into the wall of a tunnel. Traveling from a city of Chengdu into Luoyang, the coach crash noted at Shaanxi province during midnight hours. Injured people are still being rescued and taken to a nearby hospital.

Though the causes not known, these deadly accidents became common in the country. Since 2013, the quarter of a million people were killed on the roads of China, according to the estimation of World Health Organization.

History of Coach Crashes:

Previously, a coach took the lives of 11 children by piercing into the tunnel wall in the eastern province of China. The coach caught fire killing the driver and seriously injuring a teacher. Children aged three to seven were on a drive to their kindergarten.

Back in 2014, a minibus carrying children which were taking them from home to kindergarten has crashed into a pond whereas an overloaded school bus had hit the coal-carrying van during the foggy season killing 18 children and two adults.

The various accidents in China threatening the people to send their children to schools. There are no clues regarding the cause of accidents and still, the investigations are going on. Most prone to road accidents, many individuals losing their lives making parents hopeless. If these accidents continue then people may strike on the school managements.