Consecutive Terror Attacks in France from the Past 2 Years

Consecutive Terror Attacks in France

There was an attack on Wednesday outside of Paris which hit the soldiers in patrol duty as an operation by the Islamists in January 2015. The replay of major attacks is briefed that happened in Paris since 2015.

Complete Background of France Terror Attacks:

France Terror -2015

January 7-9

12 people were killed by the armed men with their Kalashnikov rifles in Paris. The next day a policewoman shot and four hostages were murdered by the gunman. All the attackers were put to death by the police shoot and those were identified as Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.

February 3

The guardians of Jewish community attacked by a man with a knife on the French Riviera. Moussa Coulibaly, 33-year-old, arrested and when he asked about the reason for killing, he spoke about his hatred for France, police, and Jews.

April 19

Algerian IT student, Ahmed Ghulam, shoots a woman who found dead in a car and suspected by the police. When taken into custody and investigated his home police got the documents related to Al-Qaeda and IS who has been in touch with a jihadist in Syria where an attack on the church is planned.

June 26

Yassin Salhi takes the head off the boss of an Industry and displays that head surrounded by two Islamic flags in the gas-plant fence who also tried to blow up the factory but arrested by the police. Later he committed to suicide in the jail in the month of December.

July 13

The youth individuals aged 16-23 arrested for scheduling an attack on a military camp officer in the name of jihad. They affirmed allegiance to IS.

August 21

Passengers protected themselves from a 25-year-old Moroccan National Ayoub El Khazzani who opened fire on passengers in the train that’s traveling from Amsterdam to Paris. Indeed, armed with Kalashnikov rifle, box cutter, and pistol the man has known to intelligent services for links to Islam.

November 13

The deadliest attack in country’s history has occurred in the football stadium at Paris Cafes where an explosion took place leaving 130 people dead and more than 350 to wounds. The attackers identified as IS Jihadists.


January 7

Holding an emblem of IS, a meat cleaver tried to attack a police station and shot dead by the police. He identified as Sallah Ali who committed theft in 2013.

June 13

In the name of Islamic State group, Larossi Abballa killed a police officer and his partner in their home. Later, police SWAT killed him. He stabbed the police officer while the throat of Schneider cut open in front of their young son.

July 14

A plowing truck passes through the crowd with a speed killing 84 people and injuring 330 people in the incident. Security forces shot the man who identified as Lahouaiej Bouhlel.

July 26

The attackers have slit a church priest’s throat in Normandy-town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray while his walk to the church from hostage.


February 3

A 29-year-old Egyptian by raising the throat “Allahu Akbar” attacks four security men with a machete in both the hands at Louvre Museum of Paris.

March 18

By shouting as “I am ready to die for Allah,” the attacker attacked a soldier at Orly airport reported Francois Molins, a Prosecutor.

April 19

Police suspected two men and searched their materials. In fact, police found the bomb-making materials and guns in Marseille.

April 21

Islamic group assault killed a policeman wounding two others before they fired.

August 5

Police arrested two men after leaping security barriers with the slogans of “Allahu Akbar,” ear Eiffel Tower of Paris.

August 9

A fast-pacing car gets into patrolling soldiers outside of military barracks injuring 8 people in Paris suburb, Levallois Perret.

Moreover, the Islam states now targeting France and killing most of the people. France is taking responsibility to protect the people from these terrorists.