Social Media Platforms Debate on Kerala Model Breastfeed Appears on a Magazine Cover

Gilu Joseph in Grihalakshmi Magazine cover page
Gilu Joseph in Grihalakshmi Magazine cover page

A model breastfeeding a child’s photo appeared on the Malayalam magazine cover ‘Grihalakshmi’ and this led to the debate. A saying comes this used as a marketing tool. The first photo of this kind made its appearance on the magazine cover. It has the caption – Mothers tell Kerala_ Don’t stare we want to breastfeed.”

The people on social media said the caption remained odd from the photo. It gave an impression – people in Kerala are voyeurs. Further, there is another point the critics had. The air hostess, the model, and Gilu Joseph is indeed not a mother and if the magazine really has an intention to take up the cause, then it could have opted for a real mother and baby.

But the magazine, on its ground, said it has a plan to promote breastfeeding and also to promote as an International Women’s day special.

Reactions of people for Grihalakshmi

The editor of the Grihalakshmi magazine Moncy Joseph said the cover photo has drawn an inspiration from the Facebook photo. A man shared the picture of his wife feeding her baby. This became an inspiration to opt for such a pic.

Though the couple faced bullying, they had refused to remove the post. It was not expected to create such a storm. “We want to give a message on breastfeeding on the eve of the Women’s Day,” he explained. This will also generate the discussion on the right of a woman to breastfeed.

“When I approached with the work I did not think twice. It is the privilege of any woman/mother. I want to convey a message that there is nothing to ashamed if one has to feed her baby,” she said.

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“You decided to push a real mother actually breastfeeding her child to inner pages.  The portray of a model holding a baby to her bare breast on your cover is where you delved into cheap sensationalism and exploitation,” wrote blogger Anjana Nayar in a post criticising the magazine.

“While one cannot vouch for the sincerity of the magazine’s purpose (breasts, after all, used to market everything from the bike to beverages). It is nevertheless necessary to examine the weight of the arguments made against the picture,” wrote Sowmya Rajendran in the News Minute.