Health Minister Comment on the Size of Condoms for Zimbabweans

Zimbabwe Health Minister over smaller Chinese Condoms
Zimbabwe Health Minister

The health minister of Zimbabwe has called the manufacturers of the country to start manufacturing condoms and the imports of China remained too small in size of condoms for the population.

In an awareness event in Harare, Health Minister David Parirenyatwa made the comments earlier week. As Zimbabwe has the highest rate of affecting with HIV/AIDS infection, the number of condoms to Zimbabwe are imported from China.

China Produces Various Size of Condoms

According to the health minister, the imported will do no work. “Youths now have a particular condom that they like, but we don’t manufacture them,” the minister said. “We import condoms from China and some men complain they are too small.”

He, indeed, has challenged the local companies to begin the process of manufacturing condoms instead of depending on the imports of China. “You need to be able to have your own condoms,” Parirenyatwa said. “If you want to be a big businessman, then manufacture them for the region.”

Uber entered into the health industry

As a response, a Chinese condom announced it has a plan to produce different sizes of condoms to meet the demand. We have started to do some surveys on users’ data in the region to make preparations for future products,” Zhao Chuan, chief executive of condom manufacturer said.

While starts critics over Chinese condom manufacturers plus size.

However, Zimbabwe has recorded the rates of HIV/AIDS in worst in Sub-Saharan Africa. It has an estimated of 13.5% adults infected with HIV. To stop the spread of HIV, condoms are a crucial factor. Since 2010, a 45% deaths have reduced and HIV infections halved in the country.