World Record for Riding the Biggest Wave By the Surfer

Rodrigo Koxa in Biggest Wave By the Surfer
Rodrigo Koxa in Biggest Wave By the Surfer

This man named Surfer Rodrigo Koxa has ridden an 80-feet monster wave in Portugal on November 8, 2017.

Koxa World Record

Finally, he had created a world record for riding such a biggest wave ever. This was confirmed on the night of Saturday at Big Wave Awards of World Surf League in California.

Koxa, in fact, has kept his life at risk in surfing on the 24-meter wave. Soon after receiving an award he said it “was the best day of my life”.

Garrett McNamara had set a record back in 2011 when he surfed on a 78-feet measuring wave. Also, at the grand league event, Lucas Chinca, a compatriot of Koxa received Best Men’s Overall Performance award.

Earlier this year, the 22-year old has won the Nazar Challenge.

Moreover, the Best Women’s Overall Performance trophy was received by surfer Paige Alms and it’s the third time for her in her career to receive this trophy.