It’s Pi Day (π) on Wednesday’s Google Doodle

Pi Day
International Pi Day

The Google Doodle on Wednesday celebrates the 30th anniversary of Pi Day. It celebrates the constant Pi by having a freshly baked pie to learn about mathematical constants, geometry, and irrational numbers.

History of Pi Day and Pi Value

Circumference of Circle
Circumference of Circle

Pi anyhow gives a value – 3.14159265359 and exceeds 22 trillion digits. This is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. In simple words, pi defines the circle’s shape, irrespective of its size. The 22 trillion exceeding will continue to infinity without repeating any other pattern. Hence, mathematicians consider pi an irrational number.

The world celebrates Pi Day on March 14 as the first digits of pi are 3.14. It’s a different celebration, in fact. If someone having a pie slice today by celebrating this day, then it’s the time to thank physicist Larry Shaw – San Francisco Exploratorium former curator.

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Indeed, the whole thing began in 1988 on a way to make the constants of mathematics more accessible and fun. The first day a small celebration lighted at Exploratorium staff retreat but the next year the museum hosted a big bash. Shaw passed away in 2017 and for the first time, the celebrations are mounting up without its founder.

In 2009, the House of Representatives of the US passed a resolution to designate March 14 as Pi Day. The Google Doodle today has some pie recipes to give you an help in celebrating this day.