Pompeo Becomes Secretary to the U.S. State, Set his Meet with N.Korea & Middle East


The Senate of the U.S has confirmed as a secretary of state for Donald Trump on Thursday. The former director of CIA immediately made his trip to address the key allies in the Middle East and Europe.

Mike Pompeo was a former Army officer and a Republican congressman. He is regarded as a loyalist to the Trump with warlike views around the world.

No longer had that Pompeo stepped in, the State Department had revealed his visit to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel during the weekend soon after a NATO meeting in Brussels on Friday.

Heather Nauert, a spokeswoman told the reporters that he has chosen these three countries as there was a pacing heat regarding the issues at these places. As a trip to the Middle East, Mike Pompeo will visit Iran.

By May 12, Trump will decide whether to restore economic sanctions of Tehran of the U.S which may turn out as a severe blow to the 2015 nuclear impact between Iran and six other major countries.

According to Nauert, Pompeo will have a meet with Salman, Saudi King, and Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Moreover, Senators in the Republic have voted in favor of Pompeo which turned out 47-52. He even faced resistance from the side of Democrats. He had worried about his fame for hawkishness and harsh statements he made in the past about Islam and homosexuality.

Additionally, Mike Pompeo will have a keen pressure to address other international challenges. These include conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, expansion of China and assertiveness of  Russia.

Washington is summing up with the allies of Europe such as the possibility in toughening nuclear agreement with Iran.

Mike Pompeo Record as a CIA

The supporters of Pompeo have claimed that he had done well during his tenure of about 15 months in leading the CIA, adding the country need a leader at the Department of the State.

Moreover, staff was slashed and many positions remained unfilled under his predecessor, Rex Tillerson, the first secretary of the state.

In a statement, Trump said after firing Tillerson while welcoming Mike Pompeo – “Having a patriot of Mike’s immense talent, energy, and intellect leading the Department of State will be an incredible asset for our country at this critical time in history.”

When Pompeo was in Congress, he opposed the Iran nuclear accord. As a CIA, he maintained a close relationship with Trump. Due to this, he faced a great opposition from Democrats.

Trump nominated the director of CIA, Gina Haspel as spy agency head. Once Senate confirms, she would become the first woman to claim the post.