A Teenager Documentation about Syria on Twitter: In his Words

muhammad najem on Twitter
muhammad najem on Twitter

Like many similar to his age, Muhammed Najem, a 15-year-old has shown his active presence on social media. But it is quite different from the selfies or sharing the food with the friends. Since 7th December, Syria teenager continuously has been updating his profile on Twitter with devastated photos and videos.

Also, the videos cover the wrecked part in Eastern Ghouta.

‘Few Say Mhammed Najem Videos are from Fake Account’

However, the war between Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad and other rebel groups has claimed more than 4.5 lac lives and displaced the millions.

Assad has overrun rebel-capture strongholds. But the eastern Ghouta siege, Damascus capital was on the go since 2013. In February, it escalated when the forces of Assad have Russia as a backup. Together the air strikes began in the Rebel held Enclave imperiling 4 lac residents.

Almost 500 people killed and have taken Refugee in underground Shelters. Moreover, they have access to food and water. Najem Hassan age to the international community to take the ravaged city notice and the country.

In fact, an attention of international to the Syrian conflict in comparison to the humanitarian role is been in existence. The conflict came into existence as a peaceful protest after citizens are facing economic distress and freedom curb is being continuous. Soon after this, they have begun to fight against the regime of Assad and the decent was crushed violently and has led to the Syrian war.

The extremist groups along with Islamic state has recognized an opportunity in the strike and therefore, the war poised. As progressed, the conflict reached the peak state. The Twitter account of Muhammed Najem lights on the emotional toll on children especially.

He said his pictures and memories of his friends those were killed in the war. Also, he shared terror scenes on Twitter. But it is still unclear whether he clicked the photos and videos or not.

In fact, Assad accounts claim on the Muhammed Najem fake photos and the profile using this as the propaganda tool for anti-Assad forces.