Train Crash in Egypt: Leaves 44 Dead Injuring 180 Individuals

Egypt's trains hit each other

In Egypt’s coastal city, Alexandria, two trains hit each other slays 44 people aggrieving 180 passengers. In a statement, Egypt cabinet says, “Number of deaths may increase. The final toll of cases will be announced once two trains will be cleared.”

Reports of Train Crash in Egypt

Egyptian Railways Authority made a statement announces the incident saying a train on its journey from Alexandria to Cairo pierced into the back of another train. The other train waiting in Khorshid, a small city to the east of Alexandria.

A rescue team on their toes to separate the two trains and currently finding the survivors within the train since night by removing track wrecks. The train is already in a bad condition is a statement made by Iman Handy. This girl managed to escape from the train’s window as she sensed collision going to take place. She said that she can never forget the people who left their lives before her.

The driver surrendered himself to the police and the police are investigating the driver regarding the accident’s cause. General Nadil Sadiq asked the police to find out the reason as immediately as possible and the President expresses condolences to the victims.

“The rescue team is currently searching for survivals while ambulances are transferring the injured nearby hospitals,” said Magdi Hegazi, undersecretary at the Health Ministry. All the hospitals in Alexandria are on alert and 75 ambulances are treating the injured people where the collision took place.

Train and road accidents are more common in Asia and European countries. Back in 2016, a derailed train injured 27 people and 5 people were dead. In 2013 Badr Rashin train derailed killing 19 people. While in 2012 a train ran into a school bus in Manaflut killing 51 people.

Overloaded passenger train killing at least 360 people where fire raised to seven carriages. Recently, China’s tunnel accident is another disaster. The world is getting worsened and the reasons may be many but people are dying in these fatal accidents.