US, Japan Deal with India, South Korea, and Australia on Security Forces

US, Japan Deal with India

Since North Korea shows a dangerous behavior. Due to this, the US and Japan agree to collaborate with India, Australia, and South Korea in order to advance their security forces. The North Korea’s threat possession, leading to the meeting of four professionals from US and Japan.

State Rex, Secretary of US and his Japanese colleague Taro Kono, James Mattis (Defense Secretary) and his colleague Itsunori Onodera had a hot discussion on the peculiar behavior of North Korea. These four agreed China take responsibility to change the way of operation of North Korea.

“We will cooperate to and tri-lateral and multilateral security and defense cooperation with other partners in the region, notably the Republic of Korea, Australia, India, and other south-east Asian countries,” Mr. Tillerson report at a joint news conference with Mr. Kono, Mr. Mattis, and Mr. Onodera.

Key Points of Meeting on Security and Defense

The four leaders kept a meeting on North Korea’s threat at Foggy Bottom Headquarters of the State Department. “As you might imagine, we’ve spent a fair amount of time discussing North Korea. In fact, North Korea’s recent intercontinental ballistic missile and other missile launches are unacceptable provocations, and they must stop immediately.”

“We agreed to bolster our alliance capabilities to deter and respond to North Korea’s unacceptable behavior and other challenges to regional security,” Mr. Tillerson said.

“In cooperation with other nations, we will continue to employ diplomatic and economic pressure to convince North Korea to end its illegal nuclear and ballistic missile program. We will remain vigilant against the North Korean threats through our military preparedness. The US will honor our treaty agreements with Japan without reservation whether time – in times of peace or in the face of conflict,” he said.

Statement Says

Further, Tillerson adds that the North Koreans to act according to the consequences commending China. The act triggers to take responsibility to change the action of North Korea. In fact, the statement briefs about to advance the security and defense forces by collaborating with Republic of Korea, Australia, India and other South-east Asian countries.

Mr.Kono explains the advancement of defensive forces. However, this will make them strong more than they expect. “We will call on China to take specific measures to make North Korea change its behavior. On the threat of ballistic missiles, as an alliance, we will strengthen our defense posture and capabilities, and respond. However, we have agreed on this point. We have confirmed the importance of cooperation through the security treaty,” he said.

Indeed, the International community says that the North Korea is a threat to Asia and the World. Further, Mr. Mattis adds that the Japan, South Korea is on the front end against the threat of North Korea.

“We in the United States recognize any confrontation with North Korea would pose an immediate danger to our allies and their populations,” he said.

“However, North Korea plans to launch ballistic missiles into the water, close to Guam. Also, advancing in their efforts to launch ICBM-class Ballistic missiles, minimizing nuclear weapons,” explains Mr. Onodera.