US Visa Complexity Leads to Japan to Open 2 Lac Jobs for Indian IT Techies

Japan eased visa rules for India
Japan and India

As Japan struggles with the technological development and has a need for IT assistance, now opening jobs to Indian IT professionals. Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO),  Executive Vice President, Shigeki Maeda, said the country has a look to recruit 2 lac IT professionals. And, will issue green cards to the Indians to challenge the deficit of manpower.

Japan Explanation on Jobs for Indian IT Professionals

In a keynote address at India-Japan Business Partnership Seminar, Maeda said around 9,20,000 IT professionals are in the country. Japan needs 2 lac or more and this opportunity may increase the count of jobs to 8 lac by 2030.

Japan seeking the assistance of India just because it’s looking for  “most-advanced IT technology capabilities”. The technological advancement in Japan requires rapid innovation of technologies those are emerging. Japan, in fact, looking to collaborate with Hyderabad, according to the reports. According to Maeda, India could fill the gap and every sector facing a lack of manpower in their country.

He also says Indians keen interest to go to the US where there’s tough competition but life is easier in Japan. He further added the government of Japan will issue green cards for the skilled professionals. These will get a permanent resident in Japan and this makes Japan become fastest approvals in the world.

Moreover, Japan eased the rules for granting the visa for India from January 1, 2018. Further, it’s not necessary for Indians to produce their certificate of employment and explanation letters for multiple entries. The number of documents cut down to three and the travelers needed only to show their visa and passport application form.

The announcement came after the US tightened rules for visa and asked companies to prove the employee non-qualifying speculative assignment.