Exploring Space with These Biggest Missions in 2018

Exploring Space
Exploring Space

Next year is ready to overflow to explore into space with exciting and biggest space missions. NASA will launch a lander to Mars and a spacecraft which lands near to the sun which was never before. Already two NASA vehicles have reached space – one will meet with a nearby asteroid while another will make a move from the distant space rock.

It’s not only NASA but space industry planned for a number of flights and the much anticipated Falcon Heavy all-designed to launch in early 2018. Finally, if everything goes well, then people can have a trip to space.

2018 Biggest Space Missions and Launches

Falcon Heavy

CEO at SpaceX, Elon Musk announced his plan to launch the giant Falcon Heavy rocket in 2011. However, the vehicle was planned in 2013 but due to the inauguration, it consistently was withdrawn. The mission has got the name Musk’s red Tesla roadster. A test fire is been pending and the rocket guaranteed to be one of the watched flights in years.

Launch of Rocket Lab Test

The Electron is on the way from the startup called Rocket Lab and is designed to send small rockets into orbit. Previously, one rocket was launched but the mission remained as an experience. Moreover, this rocket scheduled in December but due to some climatic changes it has been delayed.

Google Lunar X Price Competition

March 31st, 2018 will be the deadline for this competition. We will have a clear-cut idea of which five teams will complete their mission to Moon before March 31. The first team which finishes all the contest rules and reaches Moon wins with a prize of $20 million. Four teams yet have to complete their landers and the other two need funding. Japan team completed its Lunar rover but this will run on other team’s unfinished lander.

Tess Launch

TESS will try to discover the planets and will study the stars throughout the sky. It has a task to find the closest exoplanets so that astronomers can find out the various atmospheres exist in our universe.

Commercial Crew Testing

A strive from both the companies to carry passengers to the space station –  the Crew Dragon and CST-100 Starline. Boeing targeting to launch crewless flights into space in August and a crewed one in November.

NASA’s Insight Mars Lander

Lander is on its way to land on the Mars and will study the Red planet’s interior. Also, it examines how the world is formed. It was supposed to launch in 2016 but the mission was delayed later.

NASA‘s Parker Solar Probe

This mission is on aim to touch the Sun. Indeed, it will land at a distance of 3.9 million away from the sun. This will trigger the solar wind origins and ejected high energy particles. The probe launches on top of a  Delta IV Heavy rocket and may take place in between July 31st and August 19th.

Apart from these, the other biggest space missions include

  • OSIRIS-REX Spacecraft in August 2018
  • BEPICOLOMBO to Mercury – a joint project of Europe and Japan
  • InSight on Mars on November 26