Most Viral Move Ever from James Harden – His Move is on Fire


In Wednesday’s Rockets-Clippers game, James Harden has shown something smart and great move. In the midst of leading Clippers 17-12 in the first quarter, Harden gave a fake move and then shot the ball into the basket. During the move, Johnson fell down on the floor and Harden calmly looked at for a second until he came near and then made the third shot.

James Harden Confidence and Play

ESPN channel telecasted the game globally and the video erupted the Twitter. The online reactions went crazy and everyone puzzled at his move. The move which he made has stretched to all the countries and rumors and comments received.

Harden, finally scored 25 points on 7-of-14 shooting and by the time the game ended the scores recorded, 105-92. Some complained about Harden’s move was a push-off.

The play also radiated the confidence he had in the games he is playing these days and the reason seems good.

On Tuesday, Harden told ESPN that he was getting a distinct “team of destiny” vibe from his squad. “This is the year. For sure,” he said.

“This is probably the best team I’ve ever been a part of, from top to bottom,” added Harden. “The chemistry that we have included with the coaching staff — I mean, we’re having a lot of fun.”

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It looked like fun for the Rockets on Wednesday. “It felt good, been in my bag all year,” Harden said after the game. On the grave of Johnson, he danced on the floor, a few said.