10 Things You Should Know about Today’s Technology on Human Life


It’s really a quite different phenomenon the way we operate our lives. Compare the past life with the present life; compare your childhood and your children’s; compare the games you played and the games your children play; seen the difference! We had daily conversations with the family gathering at one place and now we create a group in social media and spend hours and hours in chatting.

There are ten things you should know which is ruining our lives. It may sound vibrant and bitter, but it’s a real scenario that’s happening. Let’s have a look at our lives in collaboration with technology and how it is honoring!

Ten Insights on Technology

Evolution to the Impossibility, Revolution to the Distraction

Technology has met its goals reaching to the rear end and anything is accessible from anywhere at any point of time. But there’s no proper focus and concentration on the daily works we do. Psychologically, it’s proven that if you’re diverted from the work it will take 22 minutes again to get back to work; if this is happening frequently then what happens to our mind? Obviously, it will be distracted focusing on unnecessary. So technology is an impossibility but a revolution to the distraction. Balance both in an effective way. Just keep away notifications while working.

The World is at your fingertips, Relationships are at Further steps

As you click as you go into the world. What not is available? What is that you can’t browse? Everything lies at the tip of your fingers and as the fingers getting busy to click and type, there’s no time to shake a hand with dear ones which are making them far from your life. A coffee with a neighbor or a talk with a stranger is all into the graveyard. Relationships are at further. What’s that world when there’s no one to interact, to share or to talk?
Creating wonders in Manipulating things, Degrading wonders of Human Brains

To multiply, to divide, and to count machines designed and developed. Cashless transactions are available out there but what happened to the human brain? Human brains invented technology and now technology is degrading the functioning of human brains. Our minds are 10 times faster than a calculator and 5 times than a computer.

Of course, to develop your business you need a technology but a test to mind is most needed. You may say that Android apps have the ability to improve brain’s efficiency but the paperwork is preferable than any of these. Technology is ruling our minds and degrading the wonders of human brains. Your mind is a part of your body; make an effective use of it.

Interaction with Artificial, Depletion of Natural

Lessening the human’s common sense, technology is depleting the natural resources in the name of optimization. Tech is advancing by Deforestation and cut down of trees, removal of plants, polluting the atmosphere. What’s that technology when there’s no food to eat? What’s that technology when you’ve no resources to pleasantness? Interaction with machines through the concepts of machine learning is what firms are aiming at which is making people so artificial. Artificial Intelligence rewiring the human brains as artificial while depleting the natural resources.

Graphic Games of Intelligence, fewer Games of Physicality

The introduction of graphical games on tabs, computers, iPods, and phones making the children lazier enabling them to go crazy with the games on these screens. Also, play stations have gone viral in the children’s mind to play the games. What we played during our childhood doesn’t exist now. There’s no physical exercise among the children which lessening power of young minds. There is no place for physical activities in their minds and complete discussion going on graphics games. Tech is a virus in these brains!
Posts on Social Sites, Shopping by Clicking

An outing with the family is the best gift of time you give to your family as it is beautiful. Thanks to the online stores those nailed on spending time with our families. Also, a great honor to social media where every update about everyone is known. Online shopping is what most of them preferring and 2016 survey revealed that 80% of men are shopping online. Especially, Amazon and Flipkart sales’ getting a bang on the heads of the people ignoring them to spend their times. Lost insight into the family, lost insight with the world out there.
Salary at Lakhs, Slavery at Peaks

Most of us have a job with high hikes and bonuses. Have you ever thought of backend processes? The simple point is you’re working as a slave to get a monthly stipend. Somewhere at some point in life, you compromised to the job since then, you’re still compromised. Most of the scenes you’re now experiencing are not the way you want to experience. You’re becoming a slave to your organization and there it goes, Salary at Lakhs, Slavery at Peaks.

Encouragement to Study, Discouragement to Becoming

You’re encouraged to pursue any degree, any higher studies in any country. Once you’re done with that you’ll be forced to stay in the cage of a job. There’ll be a discouragement to become what you exactly want to be, there’s a discouragement to become a leader, and to walk in the path of icons. Cynics and Critics ridicule you. This is what technology is making one’s life.

Greater Competition, Lesser Originality

We live in a world where the competition rules. We’re climbing a mountain without recognizing that we’ve climbed the wrong one until last hour of our last day focusing and chasing the competition. We’re becoming somebody leaving ourselves. Originality is lost.

Online Access, Offline Egos

We’ve access to everything. As we get back from the work to home we start to feel frustrated about the traffic, we shout on our family members, and we curse someone if they hit us. We forgot what exactly an individual is facing and entering into egos, frustrations, and anger.

Just look the world around you and act accordingly. You’re not born to be a slave to technology, you’re born to know the purpose of life and spreading love and smiles. Wake up my dear and see the reality, limit yourself to technology.