Google Home has released a few months back and many are waiting to hear from the AI-powered unit. However, many of us don’t know how it deals with the human life or the way it flows. But it has 12 things which you have to know about. These 12 will make you understand the complete structure and performance of this AI device. Though Alexa entered to compete with the Google, Google has its own unique flavor.


Google Home
Google Home

Hidden Performance in Google Home

Voices & Accounts

If you link more than one accounts, Google can easily figure out who is speaking to it. So if you link two or more accounts, Google automatically will switch the accounts. It plays your music, sets reminders, or calendar once it links the account.


A tricky choice is podcasts to Google. Because you cannot select any particular podcast instead, it plays the latest podcast. If you’re interested in to listen to the previous podcast then you have to say, “OK Google, Previous Episode” until you find the first episode if it’s a series.

Home is a Bluetooth Speaker

If you feel to control your home through your phone then the best choice is Bluetooth. Simple connection establishment and perfect option to control anything in the home.

Broadcast Announcements

Google Home will let you broadcast a message. Simply say ‘Broadcast’ and whatever, you say or type the message gets broadcasted.

Find Your Phone

Nowadays we have so care about our accessories that we simply keep them somewhere else and will forget. So Home will turn off your phone’s Do Not Disturb mode and rings it.

Send Queries

Well, this may sound interesting. You may ask questions to Google and later you can send these answers to your phone.

Cast to TV

Just with a voice you can choose play, rewind, forward, skip and much more using Chromecast.


Kids can find a joy with games. Google plays the games and it will not bother you anytime.

Make Complex Easy

Sometimes you cannot control music or other wireless automation through the phone. Google is very supportive in this case and it gives a perfect control though you have played with another phone.

Phone Calls

Google not only helps in calling to your friends but also calls to the businesses. Even it can call the local supermarket with your voice.

Multiroom Speaker

You can connect Home to multiple rooms if you have and becomes a multiroom speaker.


First set up the payment method and address, then buy the household items that you required. For now, Google Home is available in the US.