Google Developing Patient-Friendly API for Fitbit

Google and Fitbit
Google and Fitbit

Fitbit, which is used by the people worldwide will now use new cloud healthcare API of Google. This will help the company to deploy and work more on the healthcare system. This may be by connecting user data with medical records.

The combination of the data of Fitbit with EMR can give a complete view of a patient’s profile to the clinicians. This will lead to more personalized care, the company said on Monday.

The vision of Google and Fitbit

“Working with Google gives us an opportunity to transform how we scale our business, allowing us to reach more people around the world faster. While also enhancing the experience we offer to our users and the healthcare system,” said James Park, co-founder, and CEO of Fitbit.

Indeed, the collaboration will escalate in the field of innovation allowing defining the next generation of healthcare and wearables. The companies will also give a status of chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes by using “Twine Health” like services.

Moreover, the use of Twine in accordance with an API of Google will lead to better outcomes for patients in health. This will, in fact, will give positive returns for health plans, employers, and hospitals.

Google’s vision is to transform the organization of health care and to make it useful. Fitbit connects and manages to enable the Google is getting closer to their goal, added Vice President of Healthcare at Google Cloud, Gregory Moore.

Together, they can provide up-to-date information to the providers. Additionally, there is an enhancement in managing and following the patients’ health. In order to scale Fitbit at a faster rate, Google will continue on next-gen cloud services with engineering support.

(Reference: Economic Times)