Google’s Pixel Mobile Carves to $200 – New Phone for New Gen

Google Pixel Mobiles

Everyone hardly spending their time with their smartphone either one or two months. With much-advanced specifications and configurations, the competence for mobile phones has been exponentially rising. Today Google sets up its trend in the mobiles with the launch of Google Pixel.

Price and Specs of Google Pixel

Ranging the price in between $125 to $624, the Google Pixel XL discounts to $200 less and repriced to $569 for 32 GB and $669 for 128 GB.

The Pixel-2 rumored to be 18:9 screen and top-notched lacking headphone jack. The phone unveils in the month of October. However, the perfect launch date still moving like a Butterfly.

The huge competition will be between Google and Samsung as Samsung going to launch its new mobile redesigned Galaxy note 8 and also Apple’s iPhone 8. Colors and Specifications must be concentrated with an involvement of features.

The dazzling beauties create a rivalry in the people and technological revolution. Let’s see what Google is up to with this phone’s launch and the competition is going to hit the tops!