Few people in today’s world searching for Wi-Fi connectivity wherever they go. In this regard, another offer for such kind of individuals. Wi-Fi in Indian skies soon going to be a reality. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India chairman, RS Sharma announced on Wednesday to establish Inflight Connectivity. Thos year’s end will issue the IFC parameters on this particular thing.

The aviation ministry, two years back have told about to have such IFC in Indian skies. But since then, the proposal kept on revolving between various ministries like home and telecom.

Once TRAI finalizes IFC rules, individual air flights can entertain their crew with this feature. This will enable passengers to can receive and send emails. Further, they can surf the net in Indian skies.

The complexity of Inflight Connectivity:

A small concern is on the go on whether the internet allowed as soon as they board aircraft or after the aircraft reaches an altitude of 3km. Finally, whether Indian flyers have only internet surfing and also mobile communication services!

Given the rapidly expanding demand for IFC, there is a proposal to introduce (it) for voice, data and video services over Indian airspace for domestic, international and overflying flight in Indian airspace. Department of Telecommunications (DoT), through its reference dated August 10, 2017, has requested TRAI to furnish its recommendations on licensing terms and conditions for the provision of IFC for voice, data and video services and associated issues such as entry fee, licence fee, spectrum-related issues including usage charges and method of allocation,” the TRAI paper had said.