WhatsApp now will pull the plug on various phones from December 31, 2017. Well, news adds some gloomy feel and a panicking statement to the users of this chatting app. In fact, the chatting app will work for 99% of the phones once new year celebration begins.

Controversial Things About WhatsApp

No Support for Outdated Platforms

However, the app will stop working on a number of outdated platforms. The focus primarily shifts to iOS and Android as the majority of users will use it. The company quotes this as a tough decision for them to make. But this will help the people to get in touch with family and friends in a better way.

Works for

The app will terminate its working on Blackberry OS and BlackBerry 10 from December 31, 2017. As Blackberry OS released in 1999 and extremely outdated one, the app will have no space in it. Though Blackberry 10 came as a replacement but failed in the mobile market.  Further, the app will stop its working on the Windows Phone having OS below 8.0. However, to the surprise, chatting app will pause for several other Windows phones.

Nokia S40 platform also faces the same deal. S40 recognized as an old platform and the company has given more time to upgrade. Another shocking controversy is that WhatsApp will stop its services on the Android devices too. Panicked? Chill. Android devices having OS older than Android2.3.7.

Moreover, phones having this update will have time until Feb 1, 2020. It’s unclear still the work of the app on the Android devices and still, the discussions are on heat.