This is the Interesting Feature of Google Play Games – Experience the Game Before You Download It

Google Play Games

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People from all over the world click on the icon of Google Play Games to discover about the new games. Last year alone, the number of users installing games have doubled. In order to support to discover new games or to install the one you like, Google now redesigned the Google Games app.

New Feature from Google – Google Play Instant

Google games try now feature
Google games try now feature

The new “Arcade” tab, anyone can check out the tags like “New” or “Action” to find a particular game type.

Moreover, Google shows YouTube videos and news related to the favorite games. These will increase the skills of gaming making you become a game expert.

The easier app released from the Google – Google Play Instant. One can try a game without even installing it. If one likes the game, they can download the game. In Play Store as well as in Play Games, Google Play Instant can be installed.

If you like a game, simply click on Install now and to play instantly, Google has more than one billion games to play.