iPhone SE 2 Features Leaked? Launch Expected By the End of 2018

iPhone X SE and iPhone SE2
iPhone X SE

Apple highlights three smartphones this year – iPhone X with a 6.5-inch display, iPhone X or iPhone 9 with A12 chipset, and iPhone SE. Since the original iPhone SE can be viewed as an affordable handset, iPhone SE 2 boosting a lot of interest among buyers.

Is iPhone SE 2 Rumor is True?

However, rumors revolving around iPhone SE 2 and phone is in mystery for most of the time. In online, a new video has been uploaded and the video hit the YouTube from the popular leaks site “Mac Otakara”. The video shows a 360-degree view of SE 2.

The phone reflects the similar features like iPhone X – bezel-less design and the notch is huge than on iPhone X. Further, it features no home button at the bottom and even touches ID has no place.

Obviously, runs on iOS platform just like iPhone X. The stainless steel replaced with an aluminum frame – sharper and edgier. Apple has an expectation to move all its phones to face ID and shows the absence of touch ID in the video. Moreover, iPhone SE 2 in the video can be a prototype.

However, Mac Otakara had a great track record in leaks especially when it comes to iPhone. Also, few rumors say Apple will not release an iPhone SE 2 at all. Apple launching SE 2 is still uncertain.