Do You Know who the US Blames for WannaCry Ransomware Attack?

WannaCry Ransomware

The President of the US administration publicly blamed North Korea for a ransomware attack. As WannaCry affected millions of computers worldwide in the month of May, Donald Trump administration blames North Korea for the attack. It also immobilized National Health Service of Britain.

Thomas P.Bossert, Homeland Security Advisor said the finding is based on the evidence. Indeed, other governments and private companies also confirmed, including the United Kingdom and Microsoft. Mr.Bossert said the administration of Trump will continue to use, “maximum pressure strategy to curb Pyongyang’s ability to mount attacks, cyber or otherwise”.

Services Halted Due to WannaCry Attack:

Earlier, Pyongyang denied allegations of hacking. WannaCry Ransomware has attacked more than 150 nations. The attack locked digital documents, databases and other files. Further, it stopped the services of Britain’s National Health Service. It has frozen computers at hospitals across the country. This resulted in closing down the emergency rooms and medical treatments were paused.

Asian Universities, Government offices in Russia and Spain and in some other countries, National Railway of Germany and few global companies attacked with Ransomware. The attack has shown its vulnerability in older versions of Windows operating system. However, security experts have traced the exploitation. An NSA cache, cyberweapons has stolen and ‘Shadow Brokers’ released the group of hackers.

Brad Smith, President of the Microsoft has likened the theft to “the U.S. military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen”. Instead of hoarding the hackers, intelligence agencies must disclose such vulnerabilities. A British hacker,  Marcus Hutchins discovered the malware’s author code. The author of the ransomware has written a ‘kill switch’ in the code and Hutchins ability to trip the switch brought an end to the attack.

An unusual happened. FBI arrested Hutchins later while he was on his visit to the US.