Google Larry Page Funded Cora – A New Flying Taxi

Cora Flying Taxi
Cora Flying Taxi

A secretive flying startup named Kitty Hawk has finally designed a flying taxi, Cora. After one year showing Flyer vehicle that looked as the best as an aquatic vehicle, this new design has hit the show. Cora, indeed, a different beast and looks like a small plane. It can fly and land vertically and unveiled through a YouTube video.

A California-based startup – Kitty Hawk has got no permissions from the government and hence headed to New Zealand to display this to the world.

A Statement Relating Flying Taxi Cora Developers

“A path to certifying an air taxi for everyday use just didn’t exist. We had our aircraft. We had our moment. But there was no place in the world where Cora could take the next step. We had no Kitty Hawk of our own,” the statement read (Kitty Hawk was the North Carolina town near which the Wright Brothers made their historic experimental flight). “America in the early 20th century of the Wright Brothers was a hotbed of invention and discovery…We needed a place that was just as bold and dynamic in order to bring Cora to the commercial market.”

“Finally, the dreamers from California met the visionaries from New Zealand,” the statement read. “We saw Cora’s potential as a sustainable, efficient and transformative technology that can enrich people’s lives, not only in New Zealand but ultimately the whole world,” said Peter Crabtree, Innovation Ministry.

However, it remained unclear related to the frustrations of Kitty Hawk with the US Aviation Authority and as the show began, FAA of US certified it as an ultralight aircraft. Moreover, this requires no pilot license. The firm joined hands with the government of New Zealand with a statement – “commercial air taxi service.”

New Zealand needs such ideas and it is facing a bigger problem – the need for flying cars.