SAP Aims to Coaches 15 Lakh Consultants in Coming Three Years

SAP Careers

Europe’s largest grown company SAP going to target small businesses in order expand to every corner. It will train 15 lakh consultants over the next 3 years. The company aims to optimize the skills of these consultants which ensures its growth.

Ambition of SAP

The small and medium enterprises in India to SAP contribute to 80%, especially in India. The SAP President, Scott Russell says that they are known as a company which helps large enterprises. But 51 million SMEs is the potential marketplace they want to address.

Also, adding to this he continued that most of the SMEs will not use underlying technologies to rail their business. Because of knowledge-lacking, unable to access, and improper grasp on digital technologies, the digital touch stays low.

With India’s Digital Policy and Tax on service and Goods, the SMEs have to pile up the technologies. “It will, therefore, give rise to an industry-wide requirement of digital experts who will have the capability to enable enterprises to make the transition to a digital platform. SAP understands the urgency to fulfill this necessity, “it said.

The market for enterprise in application software, a Germany-based company is changing into a cloud-based platform lowering the risks of costly installations and license payments. The partner ecosystem of SAP evolved by taking initiatives and launching unique programs.

Collaborating with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises SAP together launched Bharat ERP. In fact, this aims to empower of digital technologies for small businesses in the country. The main objective of this program is to elevate the digital performance of 30,000 MSMEs through integrating the key factors like sales and finance, inventory. This will go in pace with a unique and single business software strategy.