Apple iPhones
Apple iPhones

After releasing the latest phones, Apple now has increased the iPhone prices in India. Subsequently, the price showed a hike of 13.5%. The variants of Apple – iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S incremented the prices to Rs.1000 and Rs.1500 respectively. Only iPhone SE remains in ‘if’ condition whereas iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X is steeper.

Apple has announced the hike after Indian government increased the tax on the phones belonging to outside India. Earlier, it was 10% and now it’s settled at 15%. As iPhone SE assembled in India, no hike in the price of phone noted.

Revised Prices on Apple Phones, iPhone SE is Not on the List:

Coming to the stunning iPhone 6, the 32 GB variant priced at Rs.30,780, Not to forget its sibling variants iPhone 6s with 32 GB and 128 GB which settled at Rs.41,550 & Rs.50,660. The next variant, 6s Plus – 32 GB will come at Rs 50,740 and 128 GB comes at Rs 59,860.
Further, iPhone 7 (32 GB &128 GB) and 7 Plus (32 GB &128 GB) have a tag of Rs 50,810, Rs 59,910, Rs 61,060, and Rs 70,180.

The recent mobiles launched, iPhone 8 of variant 64 GB touches the figure of Rs 66,120 while 256 GB with Rs 79,420. Further, iPhone 8 Plus of variants 64 GB and 256 GB mounted to Rs 75,450 and Rs 88,750. Now considering iPhone X of 64GB and 256 GB it has got enough attitude to reach Rs 92,430 and Rs 1,05,720.

Prices hiked on MRP of the phones and it’s possible for the sellers to keep at the same place right now. A worth remembering point- iPhones in the market will not claim MRP. Usually, iPhones operate in users hand at discounted prices.

Indian government feels custom duty will elevate Make in India programme. Apple now becomes the first phone to formally announce the increase in the prices. If companies don’t increase the hike in price, some of the high-end phones may cost more as they are not manufactured in India.